Château des Moriers

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June 8 and 9, 2019



The event

Gilles and Anne-Victoire Monrozier await you at the magnificent Château des Moriers, in the Beaujolais village named Fleurie. 

Guests will be seated on the terrace with a view of Moulin-à-Vent grapes and the Alps, while the hosts take care of the rest! Sounds nice, doesn't it?

The family vineyards are planted at the foot of a hill, Brirette, the name of its signature vintage. The estate definitely makes you want to stroll through its rows of rosebushes and little tree-lined paths. When it's warm, appetizers are served under the horse-chestnut trees or in the cellar. Quite simply, a little heaven on earth for young and old alike, handed down for the past 5 generations.


Gilles and Anne-Victoire Monrozier & the chef Akané Monavon 

will welcome you for a great gustatory journey full of flavors from all over the world, and in sync with Beaujolais wines, of course.

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June 8, 2019

June 9, 2019








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Anne-Victoire Monrozier

Your estate: Château des Moriers is a pretty family property that produces Fleurie and Moulin-à-Vents appellation wines on 9 hectares. I work with my father, Gilles, producing our wines and selling them worldwide. 


Your signature cuvée: 

for my father, it's Le Fleurie La Brirette, which comes from very old vines on the hills behind the house.

For me, it's Le Fleurie de Vicky, the first in the range of Vicky wines, marking the beginning of our father-daughter partnership and the start of a long journey. 


Why did you choose Akané's cuisine? She has spent many enjoyable evenings with our estate's wines over the past 10 years. We met on the other side of the world and so it was only normal for her to come with her pots and pans to the château for this new adventure. 


Akané Monavon

Akané is from the region – her mother's Japanese and her father's from Burgundy – creating an explosive cocktail!  Passionate about cuisine and a world traveler, she's home after 13 years on the road and at sea. 


A nomadic chef, she has worked in the kitchens of starred chefs in Tokyo, London, New York, San Francisco and Lima. Her longest stopover lasted 4 years in Iceland where she developed her knowledge of Scandinavian cuisine. She is currently chef on a luxury yacht sailing between the Caribean islands and the Mediterranean. 


Her signature dish: poached eggs in 'meurette' red wine sauce, blackcurrant and hazelnut. 


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